Focus on rational production and optimal quality

At Jan Bach Maskinfabrik, we work in a focus, careful and effective manner with all tasks. We have highly skilled employees who design the correct and optimal solutions.. Our highly efficient production processes involving streamlined logistics, flexibility and meticulous execution always ensure high quality and safe deliver.

Danish production of all items and the sharing of knowledge and ideas

We produce all of our parts in Denmark and we see our most important task as being taking your project safely through all phases - from the development of prototypes to efficient serial production with the quality you are looking for being documented. We have more than 30 years of experience in delivering Danish-produced solutions for our customers.

CNC and a robotic high-tech environment

At Jan Bach Maskinfabrik, we prioritise having a high-tech environment with CNC and robotic production. This makes us more flexible and efficient when it comes to manufacturing complex components and working with large serial production runs. It also helps to ensure high-quality work at competitive prices.

Quality assurance in temperature-controlled environments

In our temperature-controlled measuring room, our quality technicians are ready to ensure that the quality levels are as specified and that documentation requirements are met. Our calibrated measuring equipment and CNC-controlled measuring machine are natural parts of our daily work and a guarantee that your product will be made exactly to your specifications.
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We have really good experience with providing advice and working closely together with our customers during the development phase...
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Serial production

We produce high-quality components around the clock using robotic cells....

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Complete deliveries

We handle the final assembly, testing and associated sub-production work which means you will be receiving a fully assembled product...