Experienced supplier to industrial customers

For more than 30 years, Jan Bach Maskinfabrik has been an advisor and supplier for industrial companies in the Nordic region.

By choosing us as a supplier, you will get the best advice and exchange of knowledge and ideas about how to efficiently manufacture your product.

We know that as an industrial customer, it is important for you to have a strong position in a competitive industry where there is a lot of focus on keeping costs down and being nimble.

We will work together with you to find the optimal solution where unit costs, quality and supply security all come together in a greater whole.

We are continually working on streamlining processes and investing in new technology, and we are also continually ensuring that the quality of our work matches the requirements faced by our customers.
produkt 1
Material: Stainless steel
Machine: Okuma turn cell
Industry: Industry
produkt 2
Material: Steel
Machine: Okuma turn cell
Industry: Industry
produkt 3
Material: Aluminum
Machine:Mazak 5-axis Palletech System
Industry: Industry