When you want to get to know your business partner

Today, Jan Bach Maskinfabrik is a well-known supplier of high-quality products in the machining industry.

We advise and provide services to many highly reputable companies in the Nordic region within:

- Industrial production
- Telecommunications
- Aerospace and aviation
- Defence and security
- The marine industry
- The Pharmaceutical industry

We view our most important task as providing our customers with the best service every single time - from the project start-up phase to the final delivery of the individual jobs.

It is the close dialogue with our customers that ensure that we reach our common target, which is to product the unique product efficiently using the latest technology and in the right quality and on schedule.

Brief overview of our history, goals and values:

JBM was founded in 1986 by Jan Bach, who is the company’s CEO.
JBM focuses on long-term customer relationships based on mutual trust.
JBM JBM offers a serious and good customer service with a high level of information and a close dialogue with customers.
JBM considers happy and motivated employees to be our most important raw material.
Jan Bach Maskinfabrik