Quality solutions for the marine industry

Over a number of years, Jan Bach Maskinfabrik has delivered high-quality solutions to the marine industry and this has given us a lot of experience in this segment.

If you choose us as your supplier, our production technicians are ready to be part of the entire process - from the project start-up phase with advice and exchanging knowledge and ideas about the first prototypes to the commissioning phase and optimisation of ready-to-use serial production units - all in close dialogue with you.

We have an efficient robotic production that ensures that your high-quality products are made around the clock with great precision and that they are accompanied by the required documentation and traceability.

We are known for being highly flexible and being a reliable supplier.

Jan Bach Maskinfabrik is certified under the ISO9001:2015 standard.
produkt 1
Material: POM
Machine: Okuma turn cell
Industry: Marine
produkt 2
Material: Aluminum
Machine: Mazak 5-axis Palletech System
Industry: Marine
produkt 3
Material: Aluminum
Machine: Mazak I-700
Industry: Marine